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The Commons is designed to hold a large number of students. The library is not designated for this purpose. The library is designed to hold a much, much smaller number. It is designed as a place for students to be calm, relax, work, play chess (and other games), and collaborate with peers. Because of those reasons, the number of students allowed in the library during lunches is limited.

  • Students wishing to spend lunch in the library must sign up for a pass in the library anytime before their lunch shift (before school, between classes, etc.).  Lunch passes are available starting at 6:45 am.

  • 15 passes are available for each lunch shift. Passes are distributed on a first come, first served basis.

  • Passes will be checked upon entrance.

  • Students are expected to stay in the library for the duration of their lunch period.

  • Because we'd like to maintain a calm and "chill" atmosphere in the library, we can't accommodate large and loud groups of students. 

We love our students and we work really hard to try to the meet the needs of everyone. Remember, the library is open to all before or after school- no pass required!

Passes available each day at 6:45 AM
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