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Mayan, Incan, and Aztec Cultures

Find resources for Senora Lunsford's project

To create your works cited page, be sure to use Noodletools!

You can also share a works cited page between group members so that you can all add sources to one page. 

The database World History in Context is an excellent resource. Click here for an alphabetized list of cultures.  Remember, you can add database articles easily to your Noodletools by clicking on Citation Tools and Exporting to Noodletools.

We've pulled a cart of books for you to use.  I'd also suggest for I'd suggest taking a look at those first.

Many of the sites I found were either travel agencies' websites or sites that were mostly advertising.  I've listed some of the best sites I located below.

Mayan Architecture

An overview of the style A brief video from the History channel An article on Tikal from the New York Times. An article from the Smithsonian. A great post from an architectural blog on Chichen Itza. An article on Chichen Itza from the World History in Context database. Another article on Chichen Itza from the database.

Incan Architecture A blog post on Machu Picchu from an architectural blog.  Some excellent photos of Machu Picchu. An article on Incan society from the World HIstory in Context database. video on Machu Picchu and Incan architecture from NatGeo. An article from Nova on the engineering used at Machu Picchu. A blog post on the engineering. An post on the stone cutting and wall building methods used by the Inca.

Aztec Architecture An article on Aztec society from an online history textbook. An article on Aztec art and architecture. An article on Aztec temples. An article from the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Tenochtitlan. An article on the archaeological site of Tenochtitlan. Article  and a photo tour on Templo Mayor.


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